Online casinos are here to stay

Here is why any statistics concerning online casinos is contradictory

Even well after 24 years of the first debut of the online casino in the US, it can and must be still considered to be in its developmental stage itself. This fact is mainly attributable to the regressive economic policies that the governments of the various states back and pass and the backward outlook that many leaders at the helm of affairs have regarding the use of technology in fields such as gambling.

No body of law whatsoever

It is extremely disheartening to know that even after two and a half decades since the first ever online casino started its online operation in the year 1994,

there is not a single body of law formed or any committee set up that has framed any rules and regulations that covertly govern this form of a business around gambling.

So, while there are laws that govern the online malls and online ticketing counter there are none whatsoever laws or even bye laws that govern the casinos. Some of the

regressive state laws in the US still consider gambling illegal and in some other states the government officials are in a state of the status of business house or not!

Statistics on land casinos are clear cut

Since physical verification is easily done in a land casino, the checking of facts and figures and its verification is much more forthcoming. On the other hand, casinos that are hosted on the internet possess this quality of difficulty in quantifying as well as creating any quality checks. Besides, it is easier to close shop on the internet in less than a minute and at the same time it is easier to set up an online casino within no time.

Can we quantify the number of people who visit the casinos

It is virtually close to impossible to be able to determine how many people visit an online casino. it is because there is always a fear of duplication.

It has been observed that a person who used online casinos usually has an account with two or more casinos and therefore the risk if duplication of numbers is very prevalent.People may also opt to have multiple accounts at the same casino and the quantification can never take care of such peculiarities. What is the need to quantify visitors at the casinos?There is a need to quantify the visitors at the casinos across the board because when we know the figures we are able to make better policies and also give the public the rights that they demand.

Are online casinos in reality an offshoot of the land casinos

No! It would be ridiculous to even think of the premise that the first few online casinos were actually offshoots of their own land based casinos. The general belief is that the land based casino managements were the first people to set up the online casinos too. But there can be really nothing further away from the truth.

The reality my friend is that the very first few successfully launched online casino models were actually standalone casinos that had the courage to go the digital way! It beats reason as to why the land casinos would open online casinos and become their own competitors. The traditional casino model would have clashed with the modern model of gambling sites reviewed and caused and obviously in the long run the online casino would rule the roost.

Only in the recent past the land casinos have suddenly awakened to the fact that both the land and the online models can run independently and successfully without jeopardizing each other’s growth. People who like to be out and about will somehow manage to sneak into a real casino while the others will love staying at home in that warm couch playing away on their e devices at the online casinos.

A boon for the under 18 years of age

Online casino is the biggest boon to the under 18 category of connoisseurs who just adore gambling but unfortunately cannot be let by law into land casinos. These people get the chance to try their hand at demo accounts and pass their time too.