Company Profile

Where to find us

If you are looking for responsible luxury and also want to indulge yourself, then we highly recommend ourselves to you. With premiere properties located around the globe, we are everywhere that you would want us to be. With our headquarters in Alabama in the US, we have prime properties across the different states of the US and also outside the US catering to a mixed clientele.

Our team

Our team of 60,000 professionals who cater to clients across the different walks of life serve with zeal approximately 100,000 guests who walk into our properties and across 60 countries of the world.

What we do

When you check in to our property, the first thing that will strike you will be the courteous and the very helpful staff that we have on roll to serve you with the best in everything. We believe that our guests are the real heroes of our organization and thus they deserve the best treatment when they are with us.

We let you put your hair down

We understand that when you work, you work really hard and when it is time for rest, you deserve the best in entertainment and the place to let your hair down so that when you are out and about your work you are more rejuvenated and can work doubly hard. And when you have worked enough you know where to head to?!!

You can trust us

When it comes to security and related things, you know for sure that you can trust us. We always care for our guest’s security and we know that it is related acutely with your peace of mind. We rather have you again and again than be careless with your personal information and lose you forever!

Our casinos are dream places

Step into the casinos to be enchanted with their beauty and get drawn into the magic. These watering holes are sure to rejuvenate your senses and make you ready for a great new stint at work again.